365 Challenge – May 3, 2010

Double-Double, protein style

I would have to say that In and Out Burger is my favorite hamburger/fast food restaurant.  Fresh ingredients, clean kitchen, service and eating areas, friendly customer service.  And french fries that started the day as real potatoes.  But I’m in the 3rd  week of a low-carb diet, avoiding starches, (breads, potatoes, rice, etc).  And I have lost about 7 pounds so far.  Normally, In and Out is one of the first places I hit when I land in San Diego, and I’ve seen people order their burgers “protein style” in those visits.  Never crossed my mind to try it until yesterday.  I figured I’d just cave and have the carbs as my exercise coach said it didn’t really hurt to cheat every now and then.  But when I got to the counter I thought I’d just give it a try, and when asked if I wanted fries, I said not thanks, and ordered a large iced tea for the drink.  For me it has been a change of perspective.  From “I don’t think I’ll like that” to “let’s give it a try”.

After diner ended up going back to the room and reading materials in preparation for today’s meetings until almost 9PM.  So my iPhone shot of my burger is today’s image.


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