Blog Update – Where to Begin??…

My Dad, Billy Nickell, looking at his High School transcripts in KENTUCKY

Once the Estill County High School, now county school offices. Dad graduated in 1952

My dad and my Uncle Winston Nickell talking to records official

The Church my dad attended and preached at when he was in High School

Church Interior

My Dad and Uncle at the site of the farm where they grew up.

The only building still standing near the farmhouse site was the family smokehouse

Another view of the farm...

Dad and Uncle Winston kept calling this the "new barn".

Dad, (with tabaco stick) and Winston at the "new barn".

Tabbaco sticks used to dry the leaves.

The New Barn


Uncle Winston Nickell and Aunt Helen (Nickell) Mastin

Winston, Helen and Dad

Cousin Connie Mastin, Helen, Dad, Winston and Uncle Charles Mastin

Dad, (75, eldest sibling), and Aunt Helen (69, youngest sibling)

The Storyteller, my Uncle Paul Nickell

Dad perfecting his "Corn-Hole" toss

My Cousins, Ron and Chris Nickell

Three Nickell Brothers, Uncle Paul, Uncle Winston, Dad

Winston and Dad "yuk it up"

For 2 Days I hear a lot of "You remember when you..."

Uncle Paul has some of the nicest 70 acres in Ohio.

Bovine Family Portrait

One of Paul's Beautiful Tennessee Walkers

Paul in his "Gator" with a couple more of his horses

Dad had to try his fishin' skills in Paul's new ponds

Paul's sign.

Last Thursday the 6th, I flew to Ohio/Kentucky with my Dad to visit his boyhood home.  He reluctantly agreed when I requested he make the trip with me.  But we had a great time.  I got to see all the places I heard so much about when I was growing up.  (You know, walk to school, barefoot in the snow, uphill, 5 miles each way…).  As I told a very nice lady who worked in the Estill County Schools Office, the building that in 1952, was my dad’s high school, there is not a man I’ve met that I am more proud of than my father.  He went to college, was a missionary at Wounded Knee, retired as a senior manager for a government agency, and raised 4 kids including a Cal-Tech educated computer scientist, a retired Naval Officer. Not too bad for the son of a sharecropper from the hills of eastern Kentucky.  I am writing more on this trip as well as editing several hours of video I captured during our weekend travels.

One Response to “Blog Update – Where to Begin??…”

  1. Winston Says:

    Thanks Scott,
    We enjoyed your visit very much! However, we really wanted the stay to be longer. The pictures are very nice and we thank you for sharing these memories with us. Hope the next visit won’t be so spread out. Your Dad was such a great comfort to our family and a very hard worker and deserved alll his success. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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