365 Challenge – May 14, 2010

Soon to be Gone...

Friday night was Bainbridge High’s Prom night.  We chauffeured Zac and his Date, Ashley to dinner and then to Columbia Tower, where the Prom was. We also had to pick the young people up after the dance and take them home.  That left a couple of hours for my lovely wife and I to entertain ourselves in the “big city”.  The Waterfront Viaduct is a Seattle landmark, visible from the historic Smith Tower to the Space Needle it has been a fixture since I can remember.  It has been featured in a few movies that I remember from my childhood, “McQue”, “Harry in Your Pocket”, “War Games” and “Sleepless in Seattle” all show some or all of the Viaduct.  After the Nisqualy Earthquake of 2001, it was decided to replace the Viaduct with a newer, higher capacity tunnel.  So the Seattle Landmark will be demolished in the not so distant future.  It is one of my goals to spend a few days and photography as much of the Viaduct as I can.  While we were is Seattle and had some time, took my camera and grabbed a few hand-held, high ISO shots of it near the McCormick and Schmick’s.

Manual: Page 264 Custom Settings

Inspiration: Quick look at May issue of PDN.

And here is a shot of Zac and his mother, my lovely wife before we headed out-

Sandy and Zac as Zac heads off to his Senior Prom


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