Photos from this week…

Not Often Seen at Battle Point Park

Fort Ward Reservoir #1

Fort Ward Reservoir #2


The Loner...

Fort Ward Reservoir #3

You lookin at me?

Fort Ward Reservoir #4

Long Perch

100 Year Old Fence, Sounthbeach, Bainbridge Island

Weathered View

What a week this has been.  Things at the day job had been going to well, so I guess I needed a “market adjustment”.  Crashed mid-week, and spent the rest putting out fires.  But overall I’m blessed, and I have to remain focused on that, and the things in my life that really matter.  Got down to the south end of the island last night and this afternoon to do a bit of exploratory shooting.  Found my way back to the old Fort Ward Reservoir, which they have been filing in in ernest.  It’ll be filled by the end of the summer I bet.  Saw the old wrought-iron fence last night, but it was too dark to try and capture it, so I went back this afternoon.  And while there ran into the parents of a BHS Class of 1979 classmate, Gordon MacDougal, (shout-out to Iver and Terry MacDougal), it was nice to chat this afternoon thank you!  ANd then as I was getting ready to leave, the weathered bench caught my eye.


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