Has it really been almost a month since my last post?  October 3rd is the last one I see, and it was a short note from when we took G’Ma Mary and her sister, Kathleen to dinner at Hale’s in Silverdale.  Shortly thereafter we hooked up Mary’s 5th wheel and dragged her across the state to Clarkston where she can be closer to her mother’s and other family.  We’ve also been slowly recovering from the plumbing issues of September, and gathering estimates to repair the water damage to floors and walls and the insulation under our house in the crawl-space. 
I’ve also been reminded a couple of times of the fragility of life; how we need to remind ourselves daily of the blessing the Creator bestows on us daily, and how no matter what our age, it can all be over in the relative blink of an eye.  I’m blessed daily by my family and friends.  My lovely wife, Sandy is an amazing blessing and I am thankful every day for all she does for us.

 Yesterday Lexi and I took a quick drive down to my folk’s house in Hoquiam.  My sister, Kim and her husband Terry were visiting with their daughters Alicia and Chelsea.  We also got to meet Alicia’s daughter, (my grand-niece), Adrianna who is rapidly coming up on her second birthday.  Had a nice visit, before making the trek back home.  Nice to be able to spend even an afternoon with family.  I’ve missed getting together with my folks because I let my life get so cluttered.  Really gonna work on that this coming year.  (Along with losing more weight, and spending more quality time with my lovely and the scrubs, and watching less TV and reading more books….).  That’s right folks you heard it here…

 Before I close this post, here are a couple of images I took this weekend near my home, after reading “Close to Home” an e-book by Stuart Sipahigil that I purchased from Craft and Vision.

 The first image is of a 1950 something Cadillac Sedan deVille that I drove past in Belfair, WA about 25 miles from the house.  The second image is of a country driveway about a mile and a half from my house, right next door to Lovegreen Farm, where I worked when I was a kid.  Hope you enjoy the photos, and I’ll see you in November.  


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