Goodbye 2010… Hello 2011

Even with the copious amounts of emotional stress earlier this year, 2010 was an excellent year.  I’m amazed and grateful at the blessings God has continued to bestow on me and my family.

I did a lot of travel this year.  About 50% increase over 2009.  Most of it was work related, but I did take a few personal trips (solo) and we had a very nice family vacation to Oregon, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Montana.

First personal trip this year was to Kentucky with my father.  For as long as I can remember my father has talked about the farm he was raised on.  How they were basically share-croppers and worked hard.  And knowing my father I’ve never doubted him.  But I still wanted to see and photograph the farm.  So in May, we boarded a plane and spent a long weekend in Ohio and Kentucky.  My Uncle Winston was kind enough to join us and the conversations between the brothers was rather lively.  It was nice to see the farm and learn and experience first-hand, some family history.

My uncle and father look at the site of one of their boyhood homes.

Well it was new when they boys living here and working the tobacco.

Even with our short stay, dad was able to see all his siblings.

This trip was very good for me.  Not only did I get to spend time with my father, but I also got to discover a bit about who I am by learning about where I’m from.

Wrapping up the spring and heading into summer, my third ste-son, Zac had his prom and graduated from Bainbridge High School.  Go Spartans!

My lovely wife Sandy and son, Zac as he headed to Bainbridge High's Senior Prom.

Zac hamming for my camera

Our summer vacation trip was also a great time.  Quick buzz through Moab, Utah on the way to Colorado for the Edmonson’s annual trek there.  Always great to spend time with my mom’s siblings and my cousins.  My mom was 18 I the first time her dad took his family to Collegiate Peaks Campground, and seems like some of us have gone back just about every year since.  Same campground, even the same camp spot.  What can I say, family tradition.  We stayed a few days and then headed north to Wyoming and South Dakota.

One of many stunning sights in Arches, Balancing Rock.

A must see for every American!

Obligatory Snap...

We stayed at the KOA in Custer, SD, about 15 miles from Rushmore.  We were there 5 nights. Very nice time.  Saw both Wind and Jewell caves and took the tours.  But for me, the highlight was another lesson in my family history.  We took the long drive down to Badlands National Park, and the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.  I had been there once before, in 1967 when I was 6 years old.  My father’s first job when he graduated from Anderson College was as a preacher at Wounded Knee.  Didn’t pay that well so he took an additional job as a school teacher at the Cuny Table area of Pine Ridge.  ( A google search for Cuny Table will even yield a National Geographic article on the Cuny Cafe, run by Nellie Cuny- [now closed] ).  The Cuny Table school was a one room affair, and dad taught 1-6 grade, but only had 5 students.  Needing a place to live, the tribal elders walled off a portion of the school into a make-shift apartment where my folks and older brother lived.

Cuny Table School

Cuny Table School

It was a longer day than we had planned, but I’m thankful that my lovely and the scubs were patient and let me make the trip.

Scott was here...(photo by Sandy Nickell)

There was so much we did it’s hard to narrow it down for this post.  It’s late, only about 45 minutes until this first day of 2011 is over.  So I’m just going to post a few more photographs from the year and call it a night.  One of my goals for the year is to revamp my web presence, including this blog, and to blog more.  That and lose about 90 lbs…

Here are some random image from the year:

The scrubs and me at Devil's Tower, WY (photo by Sandy Nickell)

Jared at Devils Tower (photo by Sandy Nickell)

Model at Zack Arias' Photo 101 Workshop

Model at Zack Arias' Photo 101 Workshop

Model at Zack Arias' Photo 101 Workshop

Model at Zack Arias' Photo 101 Workshop

Model at Zack Arias' Photo 101 Workshop

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